Searching For Some Kind Of Clarity

by Phil Steadman & The Spectacles

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Debut EP of Phil Steadman & The Spectacles. Songs about monsters, murder, girls and The Ramones...


released September 12, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Phil Steadman. All copyright and rights and stuff belong to him.

Artwork by Alex Stephen. Cheers dude!!



all rights reserved


Phil Steadman & The Spectacles Huddersfield, UK

Pop-Punk with a bit of an old-school sound.

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Track Name: Was It You??
Someone was killed by the church last night
Was it you? Was it you?
I heard sirens, screams and running feet
Was it you? Was it you?
There's nothing on the news and I can't find you
You were last seen walking in the neighbourhood
My ears are ringing with a siren song
Will you sing along?

We can panic or we can pray
That the person standing next to you
Won't kill you today
Put your weapons down, get on the ground
And the person standing next to you
Might just do the same, might do the same

Someone drew a face on an ambulance
Last night. Last night
They drew it in the mud on the rear windscreen
Last night. Last night
A crowd of people trying to see the view
But no one will tell me if they can see you
My eyes are blinded by a flashing blue
I'm blinded and I can't see you...
Track Name: The Stan Winston Heartbreak Museum
Humans should be built with perforations round the heart
It makes it so much easier when your chest gets ripped apart
She's more deadly than a T-1000, she's worse than Alien
She'll take her prize with big blue eyes, and you'll forgive her anything

She ripped out my heart like a Stan Winston creation
Put it on display in her heartbreak museum

Humans should be built with some protection round the eyes
If they're the windows to the soul they need protecting from the lies
She's like a sexualised Predator who kills without a care
She's like Pumpkinhead on amphetamines, she'll make you wish that you were dead

Pride of place, in a glass case
Still beating out of time
She'll dance macabre, to my beating heart
A dance of death so to speak...
Track Name: The Party's Over
The party's over
We're going home
No more rock 'n' roll radio
No one to sing along.

Hey little girl, your boyfriend's gone
And i was sad to see him go, to see him move along
He had no place, in the nine to five world
I was sad to see him go, sad now he's gone

Hey little girl, what do we do now?
No more dancing to the backbeat, now the beat's run out
No more 'gabba gabba hey', no more 'hey, ho, let's go'
Do you remember rock 'n' roll, on the radio?
Track Name: Fezzperado
Gather round children, let me tell you a tale
About a bottle swilling fiend
You'll find him in the bars in the dead of night
With tequila dripping from his teeth


And now the monster is out
Running riot round the streets of Berlin
The bartenders all run in fear
As Fezzperado closes in...
Track Name: 'Til Death Do Us Part
When i first set eyes on you
I knew that you were made for me
You were a bolt out of the blue
We were both in stitches, we had nothing else to do

You'll be my Bride Of Frankenstein
And i'm Boris Karloff by your side
It's you and me against the world
'Til death do us part

It all seemed so black and white
If you take my hand, i know i'll be alright
And when all is said and done
When it all goes up in flames, at least we had someone...